Continent 4


This continent includes the following countries:

The climate on this continent ranges from desert, to rainforest, to mountains.

This continent contains many diverse flora and fauna, often similar to that of India, Nepal and Iran.

Some flora includes cabbage and red coffee.

Some fauna includes leopards, large flightless birds, peacocks, parrots, cobras, snakes and other reptiles, elephants, monkeys, orangutans, vultures, small wolves and wild dogs, leopard cats, asian golden cats, foxes, weasels, tree and ground squirrels, seals, wild horses, mountain goats, some camels, etc. There are also Marsupials like kangaroos and wallabies, especially in Turam and horned and tufted puffins in the SE coast of Shum.

Colors of orange, yellow, red, red-brown, purple-brown, black abound, depending on location to some extent. Colorful green, blue, red and purple birds are common as well.

Continent 4

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