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Welcome to Karmador:

This is a place to put information related to games running on Karmador as well as its worldbuilding in general.

To Pallas and Wednesday, if we use this website’s adventure log or character pages it will be in a separate campaign specifically to store that stuff, but all the world information will remain in this particular wiki.

To Katherine, Jamie and Allison, your adventure logs and character pages, if you want to use those, will remain on this particular set of wiki pages.

If any one of you writes an adventure log please utilize the tags: tag it with your first name or relevant nickname. (keep it consistent tho).
If it’s related to a character, I’d like it if you used a tag like “yourname_charactername,” using first names only to keep it simple.

New tags often take a while to be searchable, so don’t worry if you start using a new tag or change a tag and it doesn’t work in the search at first. Eventually it’ll show up. If it doesn’t show up after a while…. then…. idk.

I will also use the adventure logs to post links if I have put up anything such as an audio recording of a session or scene or whatever. I will also be tagging things with “nadia” and some posts and updates will be tagged as “announcements” if applicable.

Of course, as always, I will let everyone know about anything especially important. This applies to both the online and IRL group.

Home Page

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