Humans are just like humans in the real world. Diverse, round-eared. Opposable-thumbed.
Humans generally live to be between 70 and 110 years old, give or take.

There are several races of humans living in various places*:

*Names have been changed from the original versions. They may be referred to incorrectly in a few other pages.

Note: several of these human subtypes were taken initially from those of D&D 5e but most have been subsequently modified. The rest may also end up modified in the future, if I see fit to do so.

Also note: I am pretty dissatisfied with (not just but especially) humans in this setting, as a lot of the stuff feels disingenuous or removed from context for them. Stuff might change pretty significantly in some cases, as I figure out a better approach. Namely, expect a much wider variety of description within each country’s groups, at some point.


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