Shedunguo, Shé Dùn Guó, or 蛇炖国

Found on the fifth continent.

A country of skilled sailors and astronomers, technically an island nation but sprawling to encompass a large portion of the tundra.

Shedunguo is the homeland of the Sheduni people.


Generally considered semi-rural with some access to electricity, phones, radio, tv, which is increasing as time passes.

Climate and Wildlife

The climate of Shedunguo proper generally consists of tundra with some taiga. The Sheduni territory on the polar continent itself are similar.

Common domestic animals found in Shedunguo include the caribou, the Siberian husky and some malamutes, the Chow, Samoyed, and Siamese cats.

Wild animals include the Arota penguin and the Arctic wolf.


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