Also known as Šum.

Found on Continent 4.

A cliffy, mountainous country, Shum is generally known for advanced astronomy.

Shum is the homeland of the Shummi people.


The fringes of Shum are generally considered non-rural with widespread access to electricity, radio, television, and phones, while most central mountainous and valley regions of Shum can be considered semi-rural with some access to electricity, radio, and short-distance phones.

Climate and Wildlife

The climate of Shum generally consists of dry mountains, some temperate mixed rainforests, some valleys and grasslands/savannah, as well as montane/cloud forests.
There are terraced hotsprings in east Shum.

Common domestic animals found in Shum include the Running Horse, Shan horse, the Yem horse, the bactrian camel, the slufi, the sandalwood pony, the kiang, malamutes and huskies, the Arabian mau, the chartreaux cat, the siamese cat and the goat.

Wild animals include the unicorn, the caribou, the fairy penguin, the black bear, the red bear, the ounce, puffins, and the clouded leopard.


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