Not part of a continent.

If Egypt were an island nation.

Mersba is the homeland of the Mersban people.


Possibly the only largely human place lacking “modern” accoutrements, with no access to phones, television or electricity of any kind (not even motor generators or batteries).

Climate and Wildlife

The climate of Mersba generally consists of sandy desert but there is a good amount of riparian greenery and wetlands along the banks of the large river.

The flora and fauna of Mersba resembles not just that of Egypt, but also some of Central America.

Common domestic animals found in Mersba include the Sesmut, the Rock horse, the Roch, donkeys, asses and mules, including the Rock and Rosh mule (see: Mulan mules and asses), naturalized dromedary (1 hump) camels, llamas, Tesem dogs, and cats resembling Egyptian and Arabian Maus.

Wild animals include guanaco, large tortoises, flightless birds, lots of lizards, raptors, some sun panthers, wild dogs, desert cats, deer, foxes, aardwolf, jackals, donkey, cobra, crocodile, ibex, ibis, coyotes, some puma, bats, red wolf, hares, etc.
Often in colors of yellow, gold and orange, red-brown, red, and cream.


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