Generally originate from the isles of Rodhimmel, Rodhimmel-Uzkbereg, as well as the various coasts of Bootland, Kunol-Kanab, Mittelstuck, and Shagganili.

Properly spelled Rødhimlish.


Human. Average height of 6’, fair-skinned, blue or gray eyes, black hair, some in colder areas have blonde, red or light brown hair.

Traditional Dress

Layers… Occasional tattoos, mostly around face, usually simple patterns or flowers. Dresses, jackets, breeches, hats, bonnets. Tasseled sashes and shawls. Lots of patterns, stripes, squares and rectangles, trims, some flowers.
Some inspiration to be drawn from Danish national clothing.
Popular colors: green, red, white, brown, orange.


Traditionally long regardless of gender, usually in loose ponytails if not worn up in a bonnet.


Private shrines, usually a portable box with religiously significant tokens and some dried herbs. Most people wear sun-moon coin pendants.
Monotheistic: jovial, rotund, and humanoid Mother Lush (both order and chaos, laughter, intelligence, patience and mercy) often represented with Alina A as a halo in daylight, and the moon in nighttime depictions. Alina B represents an Adversarial not-quite-threat, an imp more than anything, who she often defeats swiftly. On New Year people will congregate in open tent-like structures to sing but there are no religious buildings or anything.
Definitely burial.

Traditional Music and Performance

Very dance-y. Some drums, many-stringed long-necked wide-bodied lap instruments like lutes with 4-12 strings, both plucked and bowed and hit. Vocals. Flutes and woodwinds, xylophones and harpsichords. Horns and pipes (both brass and… horn.) Musical and dramatic theater both popular, with lots of dancing.


Rødhimlish would be… Danish. Roots in Old Danish, an alphabet that, at this point uses the Latin alphabet but did not used to.


Given name + Patronymic (_datter or sen) + Generational patronymic (sen). Examples: Bran Storssen Pedersen (Bran son of Stors, with some distant relative Peder), or Olga Urthdatter Hansen (Olga daughter of Urth, with some ancestor named Hans at some point.) So in some cases the true patronymic is a middle name.

  • Masc: Ander, Blath, Bran, Frath, Geth, Lander, Luth, Malcer, Stor, Taman, Urth;
  • Fem: Amafrey, Betha, Cefrey, Kethra, Mara, Olga, Silifrey, Westra;
  • Surnames: Patronymics.

Architectural Styles

Architecture is mostly Romanesque and Gothic in style at this point. Just, loads of brick, half-timber buildings… Generally not huge but not small. Some mild influence from Wood elves, like round cabins and cottages. A lot of wide or double-wide Dutch style doors especially in Uzkbereg and Kunol-Kanab, and higher ceilings in homes, as well, to be more accessible to goliaths.


Warm and hot baths most popular. It’s good for you. It’s also popular to visit hot springs/ponds. Usually at most two or three times a week. Dry shampoo is popular. So is perfume.


Karmador nadiawendt