Generally originate from Sandaligna and Terrastrisce.


Human. Average height of 5’11”. slender, range from “tawny-skinned” to dark-skinned, hair ranging from light brown (near blonde) to dark brown (near black). Brown and green eyes common.

Traditional Dress

Tattoos are very common, usually in dark blue inks. Flowing plain-color sleeveless tunics layered over longer-sleeved usually darker shirts, plain color cigarette pants sometimes, or loose pants, sandals and boots. Intricate jewelry. Short coats with long sleeves that hook to middle finger or around thumb, and vests of heavily embroidered stiff fabrics, similarly stiff slippers and cloth boots. If it’s hot, poofy shorts with or without hose. Sometimes hems are embroidered. Sometimes loose over-robes.
Popular colors include: gold, red, green, yellow, cream, black, blue.


Intricate braided updos and hair ribbons.


St. Chefeno, like many Terrastriscian people, with some Silver elf religion too. Basilica/temples.

Traditional Music and Performance

Definitely features some drone, heavy Terrastriscian and elvish influence. Drawn-out wailing vocals with lot of duet interplay, harps, zithers, guitar-like instruments as well as more sitar-like instruments that are also bowed, gongs, drums, and flutes. Opera.


Some kind of Greco Latin mashup having evolved into a language with a lot of Chinese, Italian and Elvish borrowed words.


Use Greek, Latin and Italian mainly, but Mandarin Chinese, Akkadian/Babylonian, or Sun/Moon Elvish words work too. You can even combine them if you really want.

Surnames often structured as “Adjective/Adverb/Noun” + “Noun”: like Leukosmau or Tardanube.

Architectural Styles

Greco Latin with some Chinese influence. A lot of modern architecture is basically the same as Terrastrisce but with more of the squat rectangular buildings, and with a higher likelihood of gabled roofs and tiered towers. Pretty colorful with lots of windows.


Generally similar to what’s popular in Terrastrisce, though hot showers with a million kinds of soaps are most popular with Sandalites.


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